NHS Flu Vaccination


You are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination.

You will be alerted via email when we have the flu vaccine available in store. Please contact us at 01582 572739 or email marshroadpharmacy@imaanhealthcare.com to book a flu vaccination appointment with Marsh Road Pharmacy.

The majority of adults can have the flu vaccination, but if you have had a serious allergic reaction to a vaccination in the past you should contact the pharmacy to discuss this further. If you are ill and have a high temperature, it is best to wait until you fee better before getting your vaccine.

Please note that if you have a fever, new continuous cough or loss of (or change to) your sense of taste or smell, you should not leave your home.

Please note that to protect other patients, a suitable face covering must be worn when attending one of our pharmacies.

We will use the information given before starting this quiz to contact with you when we have flu jabs in store.